Discover Andorra, a charming principality in the Pyrenees. Information about its location, language, accessibility to nearby airports, and relationship with the EU. Explore its unique mix of culture, history, and natural landscapes.


Where is Andorra?

Andorra is a small, landlocked principality located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains, bordered to the south by Spain and to the north by France. Known for its ski resorts and status as a tax haven, it offers a unique mix of high mountains and narrow valleys.

The official language of Andorra is Catalan, although Spanish, Portuguese, and French are also commonly spoken due to its location and tourism industry. This multilingual environment reflects the country’s diverse cultural influences.

In terms of accessibility, Andorra does not have its own airport. The nearest airports are in Spain and France. Barcelona El Prat Airport in Spain is approximately a 3-hour drive away, while Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in France is about 2.5 hours away. These proximities make Andorra relatively easy to access despite its mountainous terrain.

Politically, Andorra is not a member of the European Union (EU), but it uses the euro (€) as its currency under a monetary agreement with the EU. The country has a customs union with the EU and is treated as an EU member for trade in manufactured goods (no tariffs) and as a non-EU member for agricultural products.

This principality offers a unique combination of historical charm and modern amenities, set in the stunning landscape of the Pyrenees. It is a popular destination for both winter sports enthusiasts and those seeking a tranquil retreat in the mountains.

Andorra in Europe

Why Live in Andorra?

The reasons why a person might decide to live in a specific country are very personal, but Andorra stands out internationally in several factors.


Andorra has high public safety, with one of the lowest crime rates on the planet. Its high quality of life makes the country considered as the fifth in the world regarding life expectancy.

Healthcare System

Andorra has a high-quality healthcare system that operates via co-payment. Andorra is recognized in the top positions of the rankings of the healthiest countries.

Educational System

Its public education system is highly competitive, offering, free of charge, three models of teaching: Spanish, French, and Andorran. There are also private schools, including Agora International School (ages 2 to 17) and British College of Andorra (ages 3 to 13).

Tax Framework

Andorra offers a maximum rate of 10% applied both to personal income tax (IRPF) and corporate tax (IS). Its value-added tax (VAT) is one of the lowest in the world, set at 4.5%. Additionally, its nominal GDP per capita is below the average of the EU.

Andorra Ski Photo by Andorra_snowlovers


Andorra is known for its winter tourism offerings, especially its ski resorts. It offers a wide variety of slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, as well as a range of snow activities like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and sledging.

We consider Andorra to have the ideal ingredients to start a business: safety, tax framework, support for entrepreneurs, geographical location, growth, etc. Not to mention, the high quality of life you have as a citizen: it’s a luxury to live and work so close to the mountains.

In summer, the mountains of Andorra offer excellent opportunities for hiking and climbing. There are also various mountain biking and hiking trails, as well as opportunities for water sports in the area’s rivers and lakes.

In addition to these outdoor activities, Andorra also has several golf courses, a casino, and a variety of spas and wellness centers for relaxation and rejuvenation.