About Us

Summit Advisors, led by finance and advisory experts, is your strategic partner in relocation and business consulting, ensuring efficient and personalized transitions to Andorra.

About Us

The Summit Advisors Team

Albert Hernández


Jordi Yll


Summit Advisors, under the leadership of Albert Hernández and Jordi Yll, stands out as a consultancy specializing in relocation services and business advisory. The firm’s mission is to ensure smooth and effective transitions for individuals and companies in the process of adapting to new environments.

“Our commitment is to provide peace of mind and confidence to our clients, offering personalized solutions and an ethical and responsible approach, always putting the interests of our clients first.”

Why Andorra?

The choice of Andorra as the headquarters is due to its safe and stable environment, an attractive tax framework with support for entrepreneurs, a strategic geographic location, and a high quality of life.

Service Offering

  • Specific administrative and tax advice for relocation.
  • Support in labor and accounting management during the moving process.
  • Personalized solutions to adapt to the unique requirements of each client.

With its proven methodology and a team of experts, Summit is committed to providing an exceptional relocation experience.

For more information on how we can assist you in your relocation process, contact us.