Comprehensive Advisory Service

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Comprehensive Advisory Service

At Summit Advisors, we offer a Comprehensive Advisory Service, combining all our services to provide a holistic and personalized solution for those clients seeking assistance in all aspects of their life and business when moving to Andorra.

What Does Our Service Include?

  • Personalized Advice: From helping you apply for a mortgage or open a bank account to finding a home through our contacts in real estate agencies.

  • Management of Essential Procedures: We collaborate in processes such as enrolling your children in school and refer you to trusted financial advisors for your investments.

  • Holistic Support in Decision-Making: Guidance in both personal and business areas, facilitating your establishment in Andorra quickly and efficiently.

  • Customized Services According to Needs:

    • Initial meeting to analyze your personal and professional situation.
    • Comprehensive creation of new company, including foreign investment.
    • Processing of residence permits for the partner and/or family members.
    • Registration and affiliation of the company with the Andorran Social Security Fund.
    • Assistance in the search and selection of housing.
    • Importation and registration of vehicles.
    • Advice on consular procedures and embassy of the country of origin.
    • Guidance in tax implantation as a resident in the principality.

The Comprehensive Advisory Service of Summit Advisors is designed to simplify and expedite your transition to a successful life and business in Andorra.